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Background:  Every ten years, this planning process, sponsored by DFWI, the City of Fort Worth and The Transportation Authority (The T), refreshes the vision of the future and details the steps our community will take during the next decade to fulfill that vision. Downtown Fort Worth and the surrounding areas have changed dramatically since the 2003 plan and this is the perfect time, emerging from a recession, to set our sights on the future through Plan 2023.

In addition to working with the DFWI Steering Committee and committees for each topic area, DFWI held a public meeting on July 25, 2014 and launched a website, to receive public comment and ideas for the plan.

The final plan will inform public policy and help guide the physical infrastructure and volunteer efforts that drive Downtown. This plan is used to develop and align the budgets of DFWI, Downtown Fort Worth Initiatives, Inc., Downtown Fort Worth Public Improvement Districts #1 and #14 and the Downtown Tax Increment Finance District (TIF).

The 2003 Strategic Action plan can be downloaded here.

The 1993 Strategic Action Plan can be downloaded here

The new Strategic Action Plan will reflect the community’s vision for a livable, healthy, economically vibrant and exciting downtown for the next 10 years.  The plan will build on downtown’s existing natural, cultural, social and physical assets.  It will provide a strong foundation for strategic actions that will shape Downtown’s future development, enhance connections to surrounding neighborhoods and strengthen Downtown’s role as the heart of the city.  PLAN 2023 includes a vision for the future of Downtown and objectives and strategies for each of the following areas:

  • Transportation
  • Urban Design, Open Space & Public Art
  • Business Development
  • Housing
  • Retail, Arts & Entertainment 
  • Education

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