2021 Fort Worth Coffee Festival


Past Dates & Times

  • Saturday, Oct 23, 2021 5 PM - 9 PM


General Worth Square
916 Main Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102


Creating A Space for Conversations without Confrontations

LOCATION: General Worth Square 900 Main Street Between 8th Street and 9th Street in Downtown Fort Worth.

DATE: October 23, 2021

TIME: 5:00pm-10:00pm, set up beginning at 3:00pm

EVENT ORGANIZER: Paston Kyev Tatum, kptatum1@gmail.com

BACKGROUND: https://texasmetronews.com/.../fort-worth-event-to-offer.../


COMMUNITY: A coordinated effort with National Make a Difference Day to bring people together (around a cup of coffee) to make a difference.

How can you make a difference?

CAPITAL: The event serves as a fundraiser in support of the “Inner-City Coffee Exchange”, a new non-profit effort providing economic opportunity and advancement to 76104 zip code of Fort Worth, Texas through funds raised by the sales of “Ballpark Coffee". Pastor Kyev Tatum has created “Ballpark Coffee”, an exclusive bagged coffee, through a partnership with Texas A&M’ Coffee Center that works to improve the quality and supply of coffee and producer livelihoods internationally. Texas A&M has sourced “Ballpark Coffee” through Fair Trade practices and has worked a partnership with Pastor Kyev that aligns their mission to not only improve livelihoods internationally but also right here in Fort Worth’s 76104 community.

But why coffee to raise capital?

COFFEE: Coffee fuels Fort Worth, from the cowboy pioneers who founded our city to today’s pioneering entrepreneurs who are reshaping neighborhoods! Fort Worth’s coffee community is showcased and strengthened through partnership, education, and collaboration. The Near Southside has benefitted from the many coffee houses that have created powerful destinations for our community as the neighborhood has been revitalized. Now, Fort Worth’s community in the east hopes for the same as they use coffee to bring community together, fuel entrepreneurship, and create coffee spaces that welcome economic investment and conversation. Simply put, coffee fuels economic progress and important conversation.

Conversations about what?

CONVERSATIONS ABOUT EQUITY Following Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s call for “Conversation, not confrontation”, the event invites discussion about the continued work of justice, equity, equal access to opportunity, and human rights in Fort Worth, especially in Fort Worth’s Eastside communities who have been historically disenfranchised and marginalized.


Coffee Partners are asked to:

Make and serve 200 2oz samples which the vendor will serve at the event using our passport system. Coffee partners are not conducting sales at the event, so there is no need for POS system. Simply one staff member who can serve the coffee would suffice. Coffee Partners are encouraged to bring their own tent, table and supplies to promote their business. This is a gathering of Fort Worth’s coffee community and we hope you’ll use this opportunity to promote your business and demonstrate the strength of Fort Worth’s coffee industry!

Passport System Used at the Event:

Attendees of the Fort Worth Coffee Festival will be invited to purchase a Coffee Passport. Proceeds from the Passport sales will benefit the Inner City Coffee Exchange. Using their passports (which act as a punch card), attendees can visit up to 10 Coffee Partner booths to a sample of coffee from each vendor. When they claim their sample from your booth, you simply stamp their card using a stamp provided to you by the event organizers. Offering samples of your coffee helps give your business exposure at the event to build new customers and you align your business with social justice efforts in Fort Worth. Once someone's passport is full, they can simply enjoy the rest of the festival programming which includes music, presentations, and coffee fun.

TO PARTICIPATE: Simply email Pastor Kyev Tatum directly at kptatum1@gmail.com before Friday, October 15.