DFWI Publications 

Strategic Action Plan 2023

Every 10 years, DFWI partners with the City of Fort Worth and the Fort Worth Transportation Authority to update the Downtown Strategic Action Plan. The plan's purpose is to build consensus around and establish a common vision for Downtown Fort Worth as a livable, healthy and economically vibrant center for the community. The current Strategic Action Plan, Plan 2023, is used as a tool to help develop and align the budgets of DFWI, DFWII, PID #1 and #14, and TIF #3.

Click here to download the Strategic Action Plan 2023.


State of Downtown

The State of Downtown is a yearly publication that offers in-depth analysis of downtown performance in economic, social and education segments. The State of Downtown tracks downtown’s leading economic indicators. The market’s primary real estate, educational, lifestyle and transportation statistics are presented so that real estate professionals, policy makers, investors, lenders and stakeholders can gain a sense of perspective relative to past performance and market direction.


Click here to download the State of Downtown 2017.

Click here to download State of Downtown 2016.


Downtown Fort Worth Annual Report

​Downtown's progress in fulfilling the objectives of Plan 2023 during the past year is reported in the pages of the 2017 Annual Report.


Click here to download the 2017 Annual Report

Click here to download the 2016 Annual Report.


Downtown Access & Circulation Study 

Click here to download the DACS.