Downtown Design Standards

The City of Fort Worth and DFWI staff have been working with the DFWI Design Review Committee and other stakeholders on proposed revisions to the Downtown Urban Design Standards and Guidelines. The last time the standards were revisited was in 2009. 

These draft revisions are based on cases that have illustrated the need for more clarity, decisions made by the Downtown Design Review Board, Plan 2023 strategies and objectives and guidance and recommendations from the DFWI Design Review Committee. The draft revisions address key topics:

• Building heights on key corridors (pg. 2 of the Public and Private Realm Relationship Chapter)
• Allowable square footage and types of signs 
• Expanding the district to the north and east along the I35 corridor (pg. 3 of the Understanding the District Chapter)

We have explored these topic areas with the community and the posted draft reflects community input.   

DFWI held a series of public meetings with community stakeholders and property owners within the existing Downtown Urban Design District and the proposed expansion area. 

The final revised standards will be heard in public meetings at the Downtown Design Review Board, the Zoning Commission, the City Planning Commission and acted on by the City Council. 

Download the Design Standards here.