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The Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. Research Department conducts research on office, retail, hospitality, housing, transportation, and demographic issues related to downtown Fort Worth. Scientific surveys of Downtown employees, residents, and public transportation riders are conducted periodically to establish trends and address concerns as they arise. Surveys are also conducted to assess the economic impact of events held in Downtown Fort Worth.

These results are communicated in various formats, including web, print publications, and PowerPoint presentations. Customized information is also available upon request. For more information, please contact Shane Smith.

State of Downtown

The 2022 State of Downtown can be found on our PUBLICATIONS page. Click here to view. 

Commercial Market Report

The Commercial Market report is a quarterly, in-depth analysis of the Downtown commercial market. The latest verified sales data for 24 industry segments are presented and their performance measured over the same period in the previous year. Per Capita sales for Retail Trade (NAIC) and Accommodation and Food Services (NAICS) for major cities in the Dallas - Fort Worth area are presented and ranked.

Download Commercial Market Report Q1 2020

Download Commercial Market Report Q2 2020

Download Commercial Market Report Q3 2020 

2017/2018 Downtown Residential Survey

The Downtown Residential Survey shines a light on the makeup of Downtown’s residential community, along with data about the employment, neighborhood perceptions, and retail preferences of residents. Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. believes this research will prove interesting to potential residents and useful to home builders, retailers, lenders, and policymakers as each make decisions on investing in Downtown.

Click here to view the 2017/2018 Residential Survey Report

Publications Archive

Employment Report

The Employment Report is a supplemental report to the Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. State of Downtown publication.  This is a comprehensive report of Tarrant County employment centers, industry groupings, and Downtown Fort Worth employment.

Download the Employment Report 

2008 Downtown Fort Worth Employee Survey

The Downtown Fort Worth Employee Survey was conducted in July 2008. Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. in cooperation with the Fort Worth Transportation Authority and the University of Texas at Arlington, undertook a survey of downtown employees to establish a general demographic profile and determine their interest in public transportation, downtown housing, and desirability of retail stores.

Download the Survey

2012 Childcare Needs Assessment, Survey of Downtown Fort Worth Employees

Conducted in August 2012, this survey was designed to provide an in-depth understanding of childcare needs Downtown.

Download the Survey

State of Downtown Archives 

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Residential Report Archives

Click here to view the 2014/2015 Residential Survey Report