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Artemisia by Lauren Gunderson


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Gunderson’s newest work, Artemisia is “A visceral, sexy, full-force true story of a radical feminist artist that shook up Italian Baroque painting.”

So why don’t we know her name?

Artemisia Gentileschi was the most celebrated female painter of the 17th century, yet her name was lost for centuries. Attacked at just seventeen, publicly shamed, and tortured to prove her truth, Gentileschi continues to fight for her art and the freedom to make it on her own terms. She painted women from history, myth, and religion as the protagonists of their stories. Her work is bold in every way.

Gunderson’s Artemisia is a work of humor and warmth that celebrates the courage, artistry, and humanity of a woman who attacked the glass ceiling with every brush stroke.

Feb 1st- 24th

Thursday Evenings 7:30pm   
Friday Evenings      8:00pm  
Saturday Matinees 3:00pm 
Saturday Evenings 8:00pm