Four Day Weekend 4ever Virtual Show


Past Dates & Times

  • Saturday, Oct 24, 2020 8 PM


Four Day Weekend
312 Houston Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102

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Help keep Four Day going 4 ever! Save the date 10/24 @8PM for a special LIVE show on Facebook. This show will be free, but we would greatly appreciate any donation as it's your donations that will keep our theaters open.

To donate:

Four Day Weekend Comedy refuses to be another COVID-19 casualty. With both theaters closed for the past six months, we have been surviving on virtual corporate work and video production. We plan to re-open both Dallas and Fort Worth theaters when it's safe to do so, but to come out on the other side of this intact, we need some help from you.

So, we’re doing what we do best; putting on a show. Mark your calendars for 10/24 @8PM, tell your friends, donate if you can, and we'll meet you LIVE on Facebook for some laughs. Thank you for the support! -The Four Day Weekend Family