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Compliance Guidelines for Construction

Downtown Fort Worth strives to build upon its image as the most vibrant, walkable, mixed-use urban center in the region by focusing on exceptional design of both private and public places. Its special character is defined by the quality of the public realm and its outdoor, pedestrian-friendly environment. To meet these goal, it is important to provide a visually appealing and safe environment for all users during construction. 

It is essential that developers, contractors and sub-contractors respect and reinforce Downtown’s goals and the District’s mixed-use nature. Construction should be completed efficiently while maintaining a livable, vibrant and desirable public realm for residents, retailers, workers and visitors.  

The purpose of this policy is to provide a set of guidelines for construction projects affecting the Public Right-of-way and public realm in Downtown. This document will summarize requirements and expectations prior to, during and upon completion of construction. 

Click here to download the Compliance Guidelines for Construction in Downtown Fort Worth.