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'Let’s make it bigger': Fort Worth's Sundance Square Plaza honors Dia de Los Muertos

November 1,2022

See full WFAA article by Adriana De Alba here.

In previous years, Sundance Square in Fort Worth displayed a small altar for Dia de Los Muertos.

This year, however, was different.

For the first time, Sundance Square Plaza held several new festivities over the course of several days: including live music and ballet folklorico performances, face-painting and a Catrina Contest.

Sundance Square partnered with Mexican artist Miguel Martin to create two large altars filled with ofrendas, or offerings. On Tuesday, the plaza held a full day of music, dance and food for the Sundance Square Day of the Dead Festival.

“It’s the feeling that they’re coming to visit us and spend time with us,” Martin said. “Dia de Los Muertos is all about love and remembering. It's a time where we stop and honor and celebrate our loved ones.”

While remembering lost loved ones often comes with sadness, the holiday welcomes home the souls of the dead through celebration and joy.

Martin has organized festivities and Catrina Contests in Dallas, Houston and Fort Worth. It’s his way of honoring the traditions he celebrates in his home country of Mexico.

Martin owns Colección Mexicana in Sundance Square, a small business with a variety of hand-crafted artisanal goods from all regions of Provincial Mexico. He created several paper mache sculptures for this year’s ofrendas in the Sundance Square Plaza.

“Mexico is always in our hearts, us being able to do this in the beautiful Sundance Square Plaza and being able to share with the younger generation who we are, it’s something very special,” Martin said.

For Martin, it’s all about sharing the tradition throughout North Texas.

“We already have plans for next year, it’s gonna be so much bigger.”

The ofrendas will be on display through Wednesday.

Locations Mentioned: Colección Mexicana, Sundance Square Plaza