3rd St. Closure between Main and Houston St. for Sewer Work 10/19-10/20

October 9,2020

3rd Street between Main and Houston streets will be closed for sewer line work from Monday, October, 19, 2020, to Tuesday, October, 20, 2020.

The general description of work and times are described below:

Monday 10-19-2020

1:00 PM - Traffic control will be installed in order for work to take place

3:00 PM - Utility crew will mobilize to site and get things ready for bypass pumping during the pipe liner installation

9:00 PM - Lining Crew will mobilize and prep site and sewer main to be lined

11:30 PM - Utility Crew will turn on the bypass

Tuesday 10-20-2020

12:00 AM - Lining crew will line the old sewer pipe

6:30 AM - Plumbers move into site and cut a hole in the liner, in the basement. This hole is the new tap for Western Union Building. This is currently hooked up and live. Next the piping is reconnected at this service tap and service is restored.

9:30 AM – Utility crew removes all bypass and active flow is restored to on the newly lined pipe

10:00 AM - CCTV crew mobilizes and videos the new installation for post inspection

11:30 AM - Utility Crew makes sure site is clean and clear

12:30 PM – Traffic control is picked up and all streets are open to all traffic

1:00 PM – Project Completed  

Project Manager:
Keegan Jonkers
Circle C Construction