September 13,2021

Trinity Metro rolled out its newly redesigned bus system featuring more frequency, extended hours and better customer options on Sunday, Sept. 5. Known as A Better Connection (ABC), the redesign offers customers more direct routes, better connections to TEXRail, and more.

“We have been developing this plan for the last year or so by analyzing our routes and gathering public input about the greatest needs,” said Wayne Gensler, vice president and chief operating officer for bus and paratransit. “These changes will provide more service options and easier access for our customers – and all without any increase to our operating budget.”

Throughout the planning process, Trinity Metro invited the public to provide feedback on transit options. The scenario that generated the most interest was a “walk more, wait less” option that would provide more frequent service to more customers.

ABC offers seven routes with service to neighborhoods that did not have service. These routes mean new access for 27,400 people in 8,500 households. They are within 1/4-mile of a bus route as will 3,600 jobs. Additionally, 17 schools now have access within 1/4-mile.

To help encourage potential riders and to offset any issues with existing customers, from Sept. 12 through Oct. 31: fares will be $1 for one-way bus rides (regular and express routes), $2 for one-way ACCESS rides, and half-price for multi-ride tickets.

ABC Highlights

Increased frequency

  • Route 4 East Rosedale and Route 6 8th Ave/McCart will increase service to every 15 minutes. 
  • Within 1/4-mile of high-frequency transit:
    • 44,500 more people in 15,100 more households 
    • 25,100 more jobs 
    • 7 hospitals, 40 schools and 1 college campus 

More Sunday service

  • 7 route segments with new Sunday service
  • Serving 25,600 more people in 9,300 more households 
  • Providing access to 9,600 more jobs 
  • Serving 4 hospitals and 1 college campus 

Later service (until between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.)

  • 12 route segments with later service
  • Serving 27,400 more people in 23,100 more households 
  • Providing access to 23,100 more jobs 
  • Serving 4 hospitals and 2 colleges 

Streamlined services

  • Better crosstown connectivity with 14 routes combined into 8 longer routes. 
  • Another 13 routes adjusted for faster and more direct service. 
  • Overall, 8 fewer routes because of system simplification.

Learn more at ridetrinitymetro.org.