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A cowboy coffee shop? There’s now one in a historic building in downtown Fort Worth

August 3,2018

Star-Telegram article by Celestina Blok 

It can be safely assumed that the cowboys of Fort Worth’s past started their morning with a punch of potent coffee.

That was the inspiration for Jonathan Heath, founder and co-owner of Vaquero Coffee Co., which opened last week on the north side of downtown in the Joe Daiches Jewelers building.

Vaquero means “cowboy” in Spanish, and Heath is aiming to provide good coffee and great service to the “modern day cowboys in cubicles working to earn a living,” he says. The former investment banker partnered with friend and barista Christopher Rushing to open the coffee shop in late July.

“The most difficult process was updating the infrastructure,” Heath says. “Nothing had really been updated since the ‘30s.”

Inside patrons will find a glimpse into the past through the 19th century building’s original tile floors, tin ceiling and brick walls.

Heath hopes to eventually expand to the second floor and maybe even the rooftop.

The duo is partnering locally as much as possible, sourcing beans from Grapevine-based Buon Giorno and espresso from Craftwork Coffee Co. There’s also a case of both sweet and savory kolaches from Pearl Snap Kolaches.

Look for a new beverage that pays homage to Texas oilman and philanthropist Sid Richardson to debut next week. It’ll be comprised of a shot of espresso infused with mesquite smoke.

“I love Starbucks and I love everything Starbucks has done for the coffee culture in the U.S.,” Heath says. “But I thought there was opportunity, especially in Fort Worth, to have something that was more unique and more affordable.”

Vaquero Coffee Co.

109 Houston Street, Fort Worth


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