Curb ramp improvements and concrete repairs in Central Business District move into second year

September 23,2020

Reposted from the City of Fort Worth

The Transportation & Public Works Department is preparing for its second year of a four-year program of improvements in the downtown area.

Last year, work was focused on removing and replacing curb ramps and other concrete repairs in the southwestern part of the Central Business District. This year’s project is focused on completing curb ramps, curbs and sidewalk repairs in the southern and northeastern areas.

Work is scheduled to start on or about Sept. 28 and be completed in June 2021. Work will begin in southwest downtown at the intersection of Jones and 13 streets, and will then move to the northeast quadrant of downtown in November.

The 2020 Wrangler Nationals Finals Rodeo and related activities will be held locally Dec. 3-12. The downtown construction schedule will be adjusted to ensure that work does not impact business during this time.

To learn more, please contact Project Manager Kristian Sugrim at or 817-392-8902.