City maintaining online list of private COVID-19 testing facilities in the Fort Worth area

April 16,2020

See full City of Fort Worth article here.

The City of Fort Worth is working with the medical community to identify COVID-19 testing facilities and to compile and maintain that list for residents to access online. While the city cannot recommend or endorse any specific COVID-19 testing provider, maintaining a publicly-accessible list of options allows residents to review options and take actions that best meet their testing needs.

Those who are experiencing symptoms of the novel coronavirus should contact their medical provider first to get a referral for COVID-19 testing. Currently, most COVID-19 testing sites will require a medical doctor’s referral prior to testing. If an individual does not have a medical provider, there are some locations that will allow patients an opportunity to use tele-doctor services onsite to obtain the needed referral.

Always call ahead and prepare accordingly.

Visit the COVID-19 Testing and Prevention webpage for the list of testing facilities, including details about each facility’s location, contact information and types of services available. There may be additional testing sites not listed on the city’s website.

Providers that wish to be included on the list may request to have their information added.

When patients can be tested, identified and isolated, the viral spread can be better contained. Testing is an important next step in this emergency response; however, it does not alleviate the need to follow public health recommendations like social distancing, washing hands and wearing face masks when appropriate.