City's new website serves as digital City Hall

October 13,2020

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The City of Fort Worth is preparing to launch a revamped website that provides a more robust digital experience for residents, businesses and other community members. The website provides updated information and improved navigation and offers online payment for multiple city services, among other features.

“Our new website provides a digital City Hall that is open for business 24-7-365,” said Michelle Gutt, director of the Communications and Public Engagement Department. “That means the Fort Worth community can access city services and information on any device, on any browser, at any time, from any place.”

The city’s web team has partnered with OpenCities, which works with governments across the globe to provide digital services. The new site debuts Oct. 19. Although the new site will be available that day, city staff will continue to transition information and services to the new platform over the coming weeks.

“We are developing this website through intentional community engagement,” Gutt said. “We are using feedback from residents to ensure our website meets their needs and expectations. The result will be a true community-centric and customer-focused website.”

Watch future City News articles to learn more about the website’s features and benefits.