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Collection of five sculptures coming soon to Forest Park Boulevard

July 28,2022

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Beauty In Becoming, an artwork in five parts by artist Lynné Bowman Cravens, will be installed in early August along Forest Park Boulevard adjacent to the South Holly Water Treatment Plant.

Comprised of a series of five sculptures, it shows the steps in folding an origami scissor-tailed flycatcher bird.

Standing approximately eight feet tall, the sculptures will be installed along the east side of Forest Park Boulevard. Fabricated by Ion Art in Austin, the five aluminum sculptures are painted in white automotive paint to contrast with the colors of the sky, the levee and nearby Trinity Park.

The artist has long used elements of origami in her ongoing studio practice and was inspired by the scissor-tailed flycatchers she saw on an early visit to the site. The scissor-tailed flycatcher’s habitat is specific to Texas, Oklahoma, parts of other southern states and Mexico, and it can readily be found along the Trinity River during the spring and summer months. Known as the Texas bird of paradise, the imagery ties this artwork uniquely to its site and our region.

Conceived as an artwork to be primarily viewed by drivers along Forest Park Boulevard, the sculptures may also act as a traffic calming device for commuters as they make their way in and out of downtown along this beautiful river corridor. The artwork is also visible to trail users on the east side of the Trinity River.