Downtown Fort Worth Construction Standards RFP

October 11,2018

Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. (DFWI) is pleased to invite you to submit proposals for Downtown Fort Worth Construction Standards RFP.

Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. (DFWI), in partnership with the City of Fort Worth, is soliciting proposals from firms, groups of firms, or individuals to provide expertise and guidance for Downtown Construction Policy Standards for the Central Business District in Fort Worth, TX. DFWI has agreed to lead an effort to explore the creation of standards to better manage and minimize the temporary adverse effects that construction projects have on the Downtown Urban Design District.  This tool could potentially be used in other areas experiencing a high level of growth and pedestrian activity.  The City of Fort Worth has agreed to create and draft the initial and final documents with input from stakeholders and the selected consultant. 

Topics to be addressed in the standards include, among others:

  • Construction signage for temporary road lane and sidewalk closures
  • Signage for temporary encroachments
  • Sidewalk shed policy
  • Materials used
  • Work hours
  • Accountability for cleanup

Issue Date: October 11, 2018

Proposals Due: November 1, 2018