Downtown Infrastructure Improvements: Construction Update

March 27,2020

City of Fort Worth's Downtown Infrastructure Improvements Public Meeting originally scheduled for Monday, March 30, 2020 canceled due to COVID-19 

Affected area:

Sewer mains, and some water mains, on more than a dozen streets and alleys in the central business district will be upgraded. The project area is bound by Fahey Street to the west, 1st Street to the north, Grove Street and Jones Street to the east and Lancaster Avenue to the south. This impacts Sundance Square, Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth City Hall, Fort Worth Police Central Division, Trinity Metro, Worthington Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, and Texas A&M School of Law.


This was planned as a community construction meeting. This project is also known as Sanitary Sewer Main 34, 100 and D100 Drainage Area Improvements, City Project Number 2397.

Downtown Infrastructure Improvements is in Council District 9 which is represented by Councilmember Ann Zadeh and District Director Katherine Smith. The project impacts customers in the Fort Worth Downtown Neighborhood Alliance, DFW Inc., and Sundance Management. Chuck McLure will be handling traffic plans for lane and/or street closures. Ruth Assi is the neighborhood liaison for the alliance.

Why are we doing this project? This improvement project was created due to maintenance issues in the downtown central business district area.

What part of downtown Fort Worth will be impacted?

Burnett Street from West 6th Street to West 7th Street (sewer)

  • Landmark - Burnett Park

Houston Street from West 7th Street to West 8th Street (sewer)

  • Landmark - Sundance Square

Grove Street from East 4th Street to East 7th Street (water and sewer)

  • Landmark - Fort Worth Police Department/Central

Monroe Street from West 10th Street to Texas Street (water)

  • Landmark - Fort Worth City Hall and Water Department utility customer billing

East 5th Street from Grove Street to Jones Street (water and sewer)

  • Landmark - Mt Gilead Baptist Church

Henderson Street crossing from Henderson Street west of the right-of-way line to Henderson Street east of the right-of-way line (sewer)

  • Landmark - The First Street Methodist Mission and The Henderson Apartments

Fahey Street from Fahey Street west of the right-of-way line to westerly 80 feet (sewer)

  • Landmark - Mallick Tower/CASA of Tarrant County

Alley between Monroe Street and Taylor Street from West 10th Street to West 13th Street (sewer)

  • Landmark – Taylor Street Garage, Water Department (customer billing), City building, and parking

Alley between Houston Street and Main Street from West 2nd street to West 3rd Street (sewer)

  • Landmarks – Houston Street Toy Company, Five Guys, Razoo’s Cajun Café, Texas Rangers Team Shop, Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop, Earth Bones, Thomas Kinkade Gallery, Local Barber Fort Worth, Riscky’s Bar-B-Q, Starbucks, Sundance Square

Alley between Calhoun Street and Jones Street from East 12th Street to East 14th Street (sewer)

  • Landmarks - Malone’s Pub, Acre Distilling Company, Tarrant County Bar Association and parking

Commerce Street, north and south of the intersection with 15th Street (sewer)

  • Landmarks - Texas A&M University School of Law and Sheraton Fort Worth Downtown

7th Street from Lamar Street to Burnett Street (sewer)

  • Landmark - Burnett Park

Crossing 7th Street, between Taylor Street and Lamar Street – (sewer)

  • Landmarks - Picchi Pacchi and Planet Sub

Texas Street from Monroe Street to Taylor Street (sewer)

  • Landmark - Fort Worth City Hall

Grove Street from 4th Street to the alley north of 5th Street (water and sewer)

  • Landmark - Fort Worth Police Department/Central

Why are other streets or blocks not included in this project? Fort Worth Water prioritizes the water and sewer line replacements based on available data including the main break history, leak history, age of the line, the line material, and whether there are lead service lines.

How long will the project take? Construction will start April 6, 2020. This project timeline has 400 calendar days. The city of Fort Worth is under an emergency stay-at- home declaration due to the COVID-19 Corona virus but infrastructure construction is permitted.

The capital improvement project will start in the Sundance area – the alley between Houston Street and Main Street from West 2nd Street to West 3rd Street. The contractor will be tunneling to replace the sewer main. The access point for the tunneling is the eastbound parking lane of 2nd Street, between Houston and Main. Traffic control measures will be in place to alert those walking or driving in the area. This part of the project could take up to 70 days to complete.

Working hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday-Friday. Saturday work may be allowed.

Are you working with the businesses on phasing the construction to create the least disruption? The contractor may be working on two to four sites at once when construction gets underway on April 6. The priorities are Sundance Square, the Fort Worth Convention Center (Commerce Street), 7th Street (Lamar to Burnett), Houston Street (West 7th to West 9th streets), and the alley between Monroe Street and Taylor Street from West 10th Street to West 13th Street.

Fort Worth Water is working with event planners – Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, Cowtown Marathon, Main Street Arts Festival, Bike MS Race, Main Table, Parade of Lights, Thanksgiving/Christmas parade, and Fort Worth Convention Center – who have scheduled events in the affected areas. The project manager and contractor will also be working with the Texas A&M University of School of Law.

The replacement of the water line on Monroe Street – West 10th Street to Texas Street - will impact all parking access from 10th Street to Texas Street.

How will I be notified of construction? When the contractor moves in to each of the areas, crews will put out 7-day door hangers and one-day (tomorrow) door hangars at businesses that will be affected. For questions, please call 817-392-8306.

Traffic engineering will be handling traffic plans for lane and/or street closures in the different phases.

How will this affect downtown parking? Once the work starts on a street segment, parking meters in that area will be bagged. If a meter is bagged you will have to seek out another parking option. If a meter is bagged you can download the FW Park app to find other on, and off, street parking options.

Will you turn off my sewer or water during construction? The water will be turned off briefly (15-30 minutes) when the water service is transferred from the existing line to a temporary water line, then again when the service is transferred from the temporary water line to the new water line. Sewer service will not be interrupted. Water lines are being replaced on Grove Street and Monroe Street.

Who do I contact if I have questions about this project? John Kasavich is the project manager. You can reach him at 817-392-8480 or email Paul Gieger is the inspector. He can be reached at 817-223-2258 or email

Sally Ellertson Capital Project Delivery Water Department
927 Taylor St.
Office: 817-392-6260
Cell: 682-215-1609

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