Downtown Street Resurfacing Project Update

April 9,2019

The City of Fort Worth Transportation and Public Works Department is committed to transforming the downtown streets over the next four years through their PayGo program. PayGo contracts are planned to be issued at the beginning of each fiscal year through 2022.

This map indicating the planned timeline of work through the next four years. Work will consist of repairing damaged sidewalks and driveway aprons; installing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant curb ramps at most intersections; an asphalt overlay of the roadway surface and new pavement markings. Currently the contractor is approximately 10% complete with the 2019 Downtown Street Resurfacing project. Since the start of construction on January 7, 2019, concrete crews have completed 20 out of the 35 planned curb ramp installations at the intersections along Florence Street at W. 7th Street, W. 10th Street, Texas Street, and W. 13 Street, and intersections along Macon Street at W. 7th Street, W. 10th Street and Texas Street. The asphalt overlay roadway surfacing is on schedule to begin in early summer.

Residents and business owners are asked to be mindful of construction crews working at the intersections.

For questions about this project, please contact Project Manager, Shammi Rahman at or call 817.392.6792.