Find online resources to manage dementia care at home during COVID-19 crisis

March 27,2020

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Many City of Fort Worth facilities are certified as age- and dementia-friendly, including all Fort Worth Public Libraries. While these facilities are closed to the public, there are online resources for those caring for someone with dementia from the Fort Worth-based nonprofit James L. West Center for Dementia Care.

Dementia is a chronic or persistent mental disorder that affects mental processes caused by brain disease or injury. It is often accompanied by memory loss, personality changes and impaired reasoning.

As COVID-19 has caused changes in most everyone’s routines, caring for someone with dementia can be made easier by taking intentional steps. That includes adhering to a daily routine as best as possible; limited exposure to TV and media coverage; engaging in cognitive and physical activities; doing a spiritual activity; conducting an emotional activity (like looking at old photo albums); and managing your own stress.

Find more resources for caregivers, including ways to sooth and interact during the crisis with loved ones who have dementia.