Former Tervis Space in Sundance Square Transforms Into Colorful Glassware Store

February 5,2021

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There's a colorful new tenant in the space once occupied by Tervis at Sundance Square.

Estelle Colored Glass opened Thursday at 112 E. Fourth St., in a 1,800-square-foot storefront right on the plaza. This is the first and only brick-and-mortar for the digitally native brand, which specializes in hand-blown glassware made by artisans in Poland. The shop carries everything from stemware to cake stands in dozens of tones. 

“Opening our first brick-and-mortar store is a big milestone for us," Stephanie Summerson Hall, founder of Estelle Colored Glass, said in a statement. "It was important that we open in a place that embodies the spirit and soul of the Estelle brand and everything we make. Sundance Square is a warm and welcoming place that encourages a diverse mix of visitors to stroll, eat, shop, and stay awhile. It’s brimming with the same spirit of old-fashioned hospitality that inspired me to start Estelle, and it’s growing and modernizing, just like our business. When I first heard of Sundance Square, I knew it was different and special. It’s an homage to Fort Worth’s past that feels modern and lively at the same time — just like our beautiful glassware. All of us at Estelle are so proud to call this community home."

The shop is currently open by appointment only and functions more as a showroom than a store — the bulk of purchases will be ordered on-site and online, then delivered directly to the customer's home. Estelle does have a limited range of items that customers can purchase and take home immediately, however. 

“This model, like Warby Parker and Bonobos, allows Estelle to minimize the cost of holding inventory," said Boecker, president of Sundance Square Management. "It’s the future of retail, which is right where we want to be."

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