Fort Worth: Ambassadors Continue Downtown Duties Despite Coronavirus

October 6,2020

See full article by the Press Release News Desk and City of Fort Worth here.

The Downtown Ambassadors continue to make an impact on hospitality and safety in the central business district even during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Ambassadors circulate throughout downtown in their vibrant green pickup, on foot, on bicycles and on Segways to help visitors, create a friendly and welcoming environment and add extra eyes and ears on the street.

Between July and September of this year, the ambassadors:

  • Made 896 business contacts.
  • Reported 427 cases of graffiti and stickers.
  • Provided hospitality assists to 5,170 residents and visitors.
  • Provided 81 safety escorts and 56 motorist assistance.
  • The crew is on duty downtown from 7 a.m.-midnight, seven days a week. Contact the on-duty supervisor at 817-484-3723.