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Fort Worth’s Sky-High Restaurant Brings Theatrical Dining to Downtown

August 22,2019

See full Paper City article by Billy Fong here.

A little bird told us that a charming, still newish restaurant has laid an impressive nest in downtown Fort Worth. Entrepreneurs Greg and Laura Bird’s Frost Tower building is the seventh-tallest in Fort Worth and has some spectacular and sweeping views.

Laura wanted a dining option that took advantage of the cinematic landscape. Given her last name and the perch that she envisioned for the restaurant, the name seemed obvious. Branch & Bird is located on the buildings Sky Level Lobby of the 12th floor.

It is the perfect downtown venue whether you need a new breakfast or lunch spot for a tech business meeting or a chit-chatty weekend brunch with friends. You’ll savor options ranging from a classic egg salad sandwich to a heartier brisket grilled cheese. Since it’s situated right in the center of Fort Worth’s bustling business district, Branch & Bird also proves to be a chic spot for cocktails after an arduous day of OG’ing (in this case the term is meant for oil and gas’ing).

If feeling peckish while indulging in a much-needed Pinot Noir or rosé, then check out the elk tostadas or the divine Shrimp and Smoked Gouda Grits. Hopefully, Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like An Eagle” will be wistfully playing in the background as you dream of taking flight.

Meet you on the Sky Level Lobby soon.

Branch & Bird, Frost Tower, 640 Taylor Street,

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