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Four Day Weekend Celebrates 25 Years

May 20,2022

See full Fort Worth Magazine article here.

Four Day Weekend, the critically acclaimed improvisational comedy troupe in Fort Worth and Dallas, is commemorating its 25th anniversary the weekend of May 20-21 with one-night-only retrospective shows, champagne toasts, and after-parties in each city with the co-founding four cast members David Ahearn, Frank Ford, Troy Grant, and David Wilk. These retrospective shows will feature legacy cast sharing stories, videos, timelines, and favorite show elements.

On alternating nights of the celebration weekend, new-cast “Futures” shows and after-parties in each city will spotlight the next generation of Four Day cast and skits. The dual-day, dual-city commemoration is designed to introduce Dallas to the history of the Four Day show that began in 1997 in Sundance Square and introduce Fort Worth to the future of the show marked by additional cast and an expansion to Lowest Greenville Avenue in Dallas.

What: Four Day Weekend Celebrates 25 Years


Fort Worth:
Retrospective Show - Friday, May 20, 8:00 PM
New Cast Shows - Saturday, May 21, 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM

New Cast Show - Friday, May 20, 8:00 PM
Retrospective Show - Saturday, May 21, 8:00 PM

Where: Four Day Weekend theaters:

5601 Sears St., Dallas, TX 75206

312 Houston St. #7404, Fort Worth, TX 76102

How/Price: Tickets are $25, plus service fees and tax. Tickets can be purchased on Four Day Weekend’s website.

Who: Open to anyone 18 years of age and up.

Why: To celebrate Four Day Weekend’s 25-year history as well as its future.


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