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On Saturday, July 20, a one-day crane closure will be taking place in Downtown for Taylor St. between W 10th St. & W 7th St. between 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM.  Travel lanes will be completely closed between W 10th St and W 7th St.

Historic Firehouse Continues to Evolve with Modern Amenities

June 21,2021

Reposted from City Center Fort Worth.

For 114 years, Fire Station No. 1 proudly served the City of Fort Worth. Designed by Sanguinet & Staats, the fire station housed the original City Hall, with the Mayor’s office located on the second floor. In 1980, a restoration began and a new purpose for the building was born. With a beautiful brick façade, Fire Station No. 1 at 203 Commerce Street continues to serve the community.  
This fall, a new Starbucks Pickup store will open in in the historic building in more than 2,400 square-feet. Starbucks Pickup stores are designed for customers on-the-go who order and pay ahead using the Starbucks app, and then pick up their order on their way to their destination. The first Starbucks Pickup store opened in New York City in November 2019, and in June 2020, Starbucks announced plans to accelerate the opening of more than 50 of these stores by the end of the year. 
“One of the best things about working in downtown Fort Worth is the blending of the historic with modern amenities,” said Johnny Campbell, President and CEO of City Center Management. “This contrast between the old and the new are what makes downtown so unique. At City Center, we enjoy all the conveniences of working in contemporary buildings, but we’re mere steps away from historic buildings. And they’ve been well maintained to operate in our modern world.”
Located on the second floor of the Fire Station No. 1 building between the Wells Fargo and Bank of America towers, 203 Café offers fast casual breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, along with catering to downtown businesses. The 2,280 square-foot restaurant opened in 2017 and is designed for workers on the go, offering complimentary delivery to the buildings in City Center, as well as throughout downtown Fort Worth. 
“The addition of 203 Café to Fire Station No. 1 has been very well received and our signature sandwiches are a huge hit,” said Mike Micallef, owner and president of Reata Restaurant Group. “The management team at City Center have been outstanding to work with throughout COVID and we are glad to be serving office workers who are coming back to downtown Fort Worth looking for delicious and satisfying food options that are easily accessible to their offices.” 

Location Mentioned: 203 Café