IndyCar Pit Stops on a downtown Fort Worth street? Yup.

June 8,2019

Photo: Rachel Delira

See full WFAA article by Mike Leslie here.

It was loud in downtown Fort Worth on Thursday. 

Very loud.

The Cowtown Pit Stop Challenge was held on 2nd Street, right in the heart of downtown.  Four IndyCar pit crews competed for the fastest stop, before their drivers peeled out to get to the finish line a few feet down the street. 

And the fans who came out got an up close look at the work that goes into being a member of an IndyCar pit crew.

For many racing fans, the individual nature of the sport is what they see -- one driver going up against the field of drivers, and one driver celebrating in Victory Lane.  Of course, there is a team behind those drivers, imperative to the success of the race car.  That team got to be on full display Thursday, and get a little publicity as a result.