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Jubilee Theatre's OVER 40 Musical

March 23,2022

Reposted from Jubilee Theatre.

Jubilee Theatre’s upcoming stage play gives a musical lesson for women on how to counter-attack mid-life crisis, which becomes an inspiration for all women and men. Celebrated Texas playwright Celeste B. Walker brings one of her prized productions to the theatre to serve that role. 

“Over Forty” opens on March 25 and runs through May 1 at Jubilee, located in Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth. The play is under the direction of D. Wambui Richardson, with Steven A. Taylor serving as Musical Director. 

“Over Forty” tells the story of when four beautiful, successful and energetic Black women aka Bold Soul Sisters all together reach the supposed horrifying stage in their lives of becoming forty years old, or, from their perspective, turning the “Big 4-Uh-Oh!” They anticipate and begin to witness how it can and will affect their love for their careers, their ways of life, the men and family in their lives and overall happiness. 

Through music – which includes, specifically, an original soundtrack within Walker’s production – the women, in unison, find ways to endure and prevail. What will they lose in the process?

Four outstanding actresses and Jubilee alumni take the stage: 

Contessah Irene Davis, as Gwen Matthews;
JuNene K. Harris, as Annie Ruth Johnson;
Crystal Williams, as Patricia Ellen Shaw; and 
Kris Black Jasper, as Beryl Paige.

All are North Texas-based residents but have made national impact with their work. Ms. Harris also serves as the production’s choreographer. 

Location Mentioned: Jubilee Theatre