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Looks like Harrison Ford is checking out Fort Worth restaurants again

May 18,2018

Star-Telegram news article by Robert Philpot 

It's well-known that Harrison Ford is a pilot, and not just in "Star Wars" movies. He comes to North Texas occasionally for refresher training.

He also has a son who's a chef, so when he's in a city, he likes to check out the local cuisine. He's usually pretty quiet about it, and he's very nice when people approach him, but he also appreciates the respect that Fort Worth diners give him when he just wants to eat.

And it looks like he's been making the rounds this week. Thai Terrace, a well-liked but modest restaurant on Vickery Boulevard in Fort Worth, posted on Facebook that Ford paid a visit Wednesday night.

"It was a simple night as Wednesday night could be, until. ..... one customer walked in," the post says. "He looks like a regular customer but I knew he was not. He was very nice, polite and friendly. He is Han Solo, he is Indiana Jones, he is Harrison Ford."

According to a comment on the post, Ford ordered papaya salad, pad graprao, pad thai and fish cakes.

That led us to ask Adam Jones, owner of Grace in downtown Fort Worth, if Ford paid a visit. Grace is usually a stop for the actor when he's in town. And yes, he did.

"Have been taking care of him for years," Jones said in an email. "Always very nice."

We haven't heard about any other Ford sightings.

In 2015, he was seen at such Magnolia Avenue hangouts as Ellerbe Fine Foods, Shinjuku Station, cocktail bar The Usual and its sister pub The Chat Room, as well as Del Frisco’s, downtown cocktail bar Thompson’s, and at Woodshed Smokehouse.

In 1999, he caused a bit of a tizzy when he and a couple of friends were seen dining at Angeluna, the restaurant that was then across from Bass Hall downtown. There happened to be a Brooks & Dunn concert at Bass Hall that night, and patrons at the hall were able to get a good view of Ford and his party, who were dining on the Angeluna patio.

“Sisters Gloria and Adelaide Moncrief, along with their Country Day School friend Melissa Flory and J. Brooks, a student at Arlington Heights High, thought Harrison would surely want to see the Brooks & Dunn show,” then-Star-Telegram writer Mary Rogers reported. The girls were given permission to approach Ford, who politely declined, saying “I’ve got school in the morning” — which most people interpreted as a reference to his taking flying lessons at the time.

Location Mentioned: Grace