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Masks Still Required Onboard Trinity Metro Buses and Trains, But No Longer Required Outdoors at Transit Hubs

July 22,2021

Reposted from Trinity Metro.

To align with recent changes to the ‎CDC guidelines and FTA requirements, Trinity Metro is lifting the requirement to wear masks, but only when outdoors at the agency’s transit hubs.

Thus passengers and employees do not need to wear masks at Fort Worth Central Station or other station or stop while they are out of doors walking around or waiting for a train or bus at an outside platform or stop. And they are free to remove their masks when they go out of doors after exiting a train, bus, or ‎indoor portion of a station.‎

However, the federal mask requirement is still in place for everyone when on board one of the buses or trains or when indoors at a station. Thus, masks remain required for anyone boarding a Trinity Metro bus, a ZIPZONE vehicle, or TEXRail or TRE train, or entering our building at Fort Worth Central Station or Fort Worth T&P Station. Refusing to wear a mask, unless exempted or excluded under the CDC guidelines, is a violation ‎of federal law and failure to comply will result in denial of boarding or removal, and passengers ‎may be subject to federal penalties.‎

The Transportation Security Administration requires face masks through Sept. 13. Although no longer requiring face coverings in outdoor areas, the CDC continues to recommend ‎people who are not fully vaccinated wear a mask in these areas ‎to protect themselves and ‎others‎. ‎

Location Mentioned: Fort Worth Central Station