Message to the Membership from DFWI President Andy Taft

March 13,2020

Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. staff and leadership are working on our response to the coronavirus. This is especially relevant given our upcoming Annual Meeting, the MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival and how our on-street operations are performed.


Given the nature of MAIN ST. and the Annual Meeting, the close person to person contact that occurs during both, our dates relative to the disease cycle and the CDC’s strong recommendation to avoid and not hold large gatherings, we have decided to reschedule these events.

We are currently evaluating how we will work with the city, our hosts, partners, our traveling artists, sponsors, vendors, volunteers and others to move our dates. We are targeting Labor Day weekend. As the path forward becomes clearer, we will let you know.

A personal observation: As we have called our event partners and sponsors to discuss course options, I am happy to report that everyone, without exception, has been gracious and generous. They have encouraged us to do what we believe is right and have pledged to pick up where we left off when this national emergency has passed.

On-Street Operations

The contractors that provide our on-street Clean Team and Ambassador services have communicated new protocols to their staff to prevent contracting and spreading the virus. These protocols are consistent with CDC guidance.

In addition, our Clean Team will be more frequently cleaning bus stops, public hand rails, parking meters and kiosks and other public “furniture” that are high frequency touch points. 

Thank you for your continued support of DFWI and our efforts.