Miss the Fort Worth Stock Show parade and its 2,000 horses? Here it is, in one minute

January 18,2020

See the full Fort Worth Star-Telegram article by Yffy Yossifor here.

The sound of hoofs thumping on the ground was drowned out only by the marching bands and mariachis as wagons and riders made their way down the paved streets.

The all-equine powered Fort Worth Stock Show parade took place Saturday morning in downtown Fort Worth. More than 2,000 horses pulled wagons and riders in front of thousands of spectators.

The parade spurred on at the Tarrant County Courthouse marching down Main Street and turned at the Convention Center before making its way back down Houston Street.

If you missed the bands, dancers and expert ropers as they marched, here is a 1-minute look at the lengthy parade.

The Stock Show and Rodeo continues through Feb. 8 at the Will Rogers Memorial Center and Dickies Arena.