Mouser Electronics Awards Educational Grant to STEAM Programs at Fort Worth Public Library

November 8,2018

Reposted from the Fort Worth Public Library Foundation

The Fort Worth Public Library Foundation received an educational grant from Mouser Electronics to support STEAM Programs at the Fort Worth Public Library. The grant will create expanding access to robotics, 3D printers, and other electronic equipment across Fort Worth through the Makerspace Cart concept.

“Mouser Electronics is pleased to provide the Fort Worth Public Library with funding for a Makerspace Cart that will help increase the 21st-century skills of our community’s students. As the makerspace movement is one of collaboration and sharing, we also want to thank the Fort Worth Library team for sharing its vision, knowledge and curriculum with the Mansfield and Arlington public libraries for the creation of similar carts in our own backyard,” said Kevin Hess, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Mouser Electronics, headquartered in Mansfield, Texas. 

The STEAM Carts in Mansfield and Arlington public libraries, donated by Mouser, featured similar 3D Printers, robotics kits and other educational activities for students.  

Each Makerspace Cart houses a 3D printer and uses state-of-the-art software which produces high-quality 3D objects. With this technology, an educator can teach concepts and skills related to design, manufacturing, engineering, art, and science. Funding for these makerspace carts also supports expansion of STEAM-related programs including robotics, electronics, engineering concepts, computer programming, aeronautics, AV production, and computer-aided design.

“We appreciate donations that empower us to expand our reach in the community. As the emphasis on STEAM education grows, our staff is eager to take our robotics, electronics and engineering kits that are part of the makerspace cart to more branches and to more events,” said Manya Shorr, Fort Worth Public Library Director.

The Fort Worth Public Library Foundation works year round to find private funding for services in Fort Worth libraries. “We are grateful for the commitment from Mouser Electronics to support learning and literacy in Fort Worth,” said Library Foundation President and CEO Leslie Oliver. “The ‘original collaborative workspace’ is a wondrous place for children and young adults to participate in interactive programs that support the learning objectives mandated by the state in the schools.”