Much Anticipated Fort Worth Smart Hotel Opens With High-Tech Flourishes and Historic Bonafides

October 29,2019

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Along-awaited North Texas hotel, The Sinclair, will open its doors in the heart of downtown Fort Worth this Thursday, October 31.

The Art Deco structure at 512 Main Street that The Sinclair takes over was built in 1929. It started life as a bank, and later served for decades as an office building, most notably housing its namesake ― The Sinclair Oil Company in the 1930s.

After falling into disrepair, its rebirth came as a result of the vision of the building’s new owner Farukh Aslam and Marriot Hotels, who have joined to give the architectural gem a modern upgrade.

They managed to maintain the character of The Sinclair building while packing the house with modern and technological advances, in the new Marriott Autograph Collection hotel. The Sinclair is now Fort Worth’s first-ever smart hotel.

Beginning in 2015, renowned design firm Forrest Perkins, in partnership with Merriman Anderson Architects thoughtfully restored and redesigned the property to retain the building’s signature “ZigZag Moderne” design elements. Now the building has been completely transformed, with two entire upper floors added (the original Sinclair building was only 15 stories high, now there is a 16th and 17th floor as well), creating unbelievable views from the new roof-top terrace bar and lounge, to be called 512 Rooftop.

The Sinclair features a range of 164 techo-laden, loft style rooms and suites, as well as a luxurious two-story penthouse. The lighting throughout the hotel is powered by the Internet. Voice activated features are even found in the luxury showers, and a workout in the fitness room can actually help power the building ― the stationary bikes are hooked up to the grid.

The guestrooms offer innovative amenities such as Kohler DTW + Digital Showers, Savvy Electric Touchscreen Mirrors that can order your room service, and custom LG 8K Wallpaper TVs. Guests can expect a sophisticated experience with the In-Room Network Presence Sensing technology, which automates and customizes the in-room experience including lighting, shades, locks and mirrors.

The property itself has emerged as the world’s first battery-powered hotel with its replacement of a traditional diesel generator and backup power source with a lithium ion battery pack, the LG ESS. The Sinclair also offers an in-house Podcast Booth to guests and the public for on-the-go recording.

“Fort Worth is home to the world’s first truly connected building,” Aslam says.

The Department of Energy is even going to be studying the efficiency of the new design.

The technology is cool, but the luxury and style are tangible. Each guestroom and suite is fitted with custom-made Italian furniture and boasts intricately layered textures and patterns of materials such as leather, brass, wood, marble, ceramic and glass.

The hotel’s three restaurant and bar concepts are from locally-based DRG Concepts. The Wicked Butcher will be The Sinclair’s high-end steak house with a raw and sushi bar. The Lobby Bar located on the ground floor, and the stunning 512 Rooftop with its 360-degree views of downtown complete the lineup. They are slated to open in January.

Location Mentioned: The Sinclair, Autograph Collection Hotel