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New Fort Worth City Hall at Pier 1 to include food hall and community art

August 24,2022

See full CultureMap article by Teresa Gubbins here.

Big changes are underway at the Pier 1 building at 100 Energy Way, slated to become the new City Hall for Fort Worth.

According to a release, project managers are busy on a suite of upgrades including a bustling new customer service center and that trendiest of dining options, a food hall.

Fort Worth purchased the Pier 1 building in 2020 as part of a goal to transform the way city services are delivered. The move will bring functions from 22 departments from 14 buildings into the site.

There were already plans to build a new City Hall next to the current one, but the city determined that buying the Pier 1 building would save tens of millions of dollars. Pier 1 declared bankruptcy in May 2020.

Renovations will emphasize the "shared daylight" principle, looking to maximize the use of natural light into the space and provide lines of sight to windows for all workers on the floor.

They've already begun to replace sections of the roof and are updating security systems.

They're creating a new one-stop-shop customer service center in the tower, housing many of the major customer-facing functions in one area, reducing trips around town and bringing together critical functions that currently operate in different buildings.

The lobby is getting an update to provide an efficient and equitable City Hall experience with features such as intuitive way-finding, alternative areas to work while in the building, and a pre-council lobby area to better serve members of the community on council days.

The terrace level, including the cafeteria, is also being updated. Eventually, it will host a food hall concept, providing meal options to those in the tower and from the surrounding neighborhood.

There's a plan to incorporate art from the community, including a potential rotating art program and partnerships with local art communities.

Updates are being made to better serve residents who require ADA accommodations.

Location Mentioned: Fort Worth City Hall