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New Sundance Square art turns Fort Worth building into canvas, pairs with NFTs and apparel

August 5,2022

See full Fort Worth Star-Telegram article by James Hartley here.

Matthew Miller is an artist.

So when he decided he wanted to introduce himself to the people of Fort Worth, he thought a big artistic statement seemed like the right way to go. You might have walked past his big hello to Cowtown and not even realized it, if you’ve been downtown recently.

The installation is a lot of firsts for Miller. It’s his first time programming lights as a part of his work and it’s his first time using an entire building as his canvas.

Under his professional name, Sunflowerman, Miller has wrapped the windows of the vacant Sundance Square building at the corner of Third Street and Commerce Street. The one that used to be an H&M. During the day, it looks like simple vinyl wrapping depicting a Fort Worth sunset, with two of the display windows uncovered and showing off large prints of Sunflowerman’s artwork.

The ground floor windows display paintings of angels, a cowboy, an unnamed woman and Frank Moss in poses that wouldn’t seem out of place in the Sistine Chapel.

At night, though, the artwork transforms a bit. Some of the middle windows light up with a neon cherubic longhorn flying across the sky. The sunset’s top layer gives way to reverse images of the same people on the ground floor. The paintings in the first-floor display windows are lit from above in a way that makes them look like they’re glowing.

“I wanted to send a message of coming together,” Miller said. “Unity, not division, in Fort Worth.”

This isn’t Miller’s first time having his art installed in Sundance Square. During the height of the COVID pandemic, his artwork was used on signs posted to encourage folks to wear masks. This time, his work is impossible to miss if you’re walking, driving or working around that area.

He’s also paired the installation with apparel and NFTs, which can be purchased at his website: