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New two-story CVS pharmacy opens in downtown Fort Worth

June 25,2018

Star-Telegram news article by Stephen English 

The new downtown location of CVS has only been open for two days. It still smells of fresh paint.

It was a little muggy inside on Monday morning, as crews were called out to repair a broken elevator and they had to prop open the doors, an employee said.

The two-story pharmacy foregoes the typical automated entry. Glass doors with brass handles, along with a wide marble staircase in the center of its floors, give it a classy touch not usually seen at chain drugstores.

The store is at 515 Houston Street, the former site of the Ojos Locos sports bar and restaurant, at the corner of Fifth Street.

Farukh Aslam, whose Fossil Creek Land Partners Inc. owns the building, said last year that the new store is one of the few two-story CVS locations in Texas.

The prescription counters are on the top floor, along with aisles of medicine and health products, while downstairs is stocked with snacks, beverages and household goods.

This report contains material from the Star-Telegram archives.

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