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No car, no problem? These are the 10 most walkable neighborhoods in Fort Worth

May 22,2023

See full Fort Worth Star-Telegram article by Kae Lani Palmisano here.

Though it seems as if Fort Worth was designed for driving, the city has been focusing on creating more walkable spaces. And while Fort Worth is in the midst of carrying out this plan, there are parts of the city that may serve as a model for what is to come.

Redfin recently outlined the Top 10 most walkable neighborhoods in Fort Worth using Walk Score. Walk Score, acquired by Redfin in 2014, collects and interprets data using a methodology that determines the walkability of any address in the United States and some cities abroad.

When grading how walkable a neighborhood is, Walk Score looks at ZIP codes, taking into consideration proximity to amenities such as grocery stores, medical services, schools and even restaurants. It also takes into account population density, how long blocks are and how dense intersections can get.

Overall, Fort Worth has a Walk Score of 35, meaning it’s a “Car Dependent” city most errands require a car.

But like any city, Fort Worth is a city of neighborhoods, all with their own Walk Scores, six of which are considered Very Walkable.

Below is the list of the most walkable neighborhoods in Fort Worth, according to Walk Score and Redfin — and where we recommend going for a stroll.

Note: Walk Score is measured on a scale from 0-100 broken out into five classifications. Here’s what those scores mean:
0-24: Car Dependent where almost all errands require a car
25-49: Car Dependent but only most errands require a car
50-69: Somewhat Walkable meaning some errands can be done by foot
70-89: Very Walkable meaning most errands can be completed by foot
90-100: Walker’s Paradise meaning daily errands do not require a car

Walk Score: 82/100, Very Walkable
Where to go for a walk: Blue Bonnet Circle is a patch of landscaped greenspace in the center of Fort Worth’s first traffic circle.
Size: 1.25 acres

Walk Score: 77/100, Very Walkable
Where to go for a walk: Worth Hills Pocket Park is a neighborhood park in a residential area with a playground great for children to run and play.
Size: 1.5 acres

Walk Score: 76/100, Very Walkable
Where to go for a walk: Linwood-Jesse D. Sandoval Park is a family-friendly park complete with a soccer field, a basketball court and a playground, as well as amenities like grills, tables and benches.
Size: 4 acres

Walk Score: 74/100, Very Walkable
Where to go for a walk: In the heart of downtown Fort Worth is Sundance Square, a 37-square-block walkable area filled with restaurants, shops and other forms of entertainment. Catch live music in the Sundance Square Pavillion or take in contemporary art at the Love Texas Art and Studios.
Size: 37 square blocks

Walk Score: 72/100, Very Walkable
Where to go for a walk: On the banks of the Clear Fork Trinity River is Trinity Park, a large green space that has been part of Fort Worth’s landscape since 1892. Not only is it one of the best places to go for a walk in the Cultural District, but also it’s one of the best in the city — complete with a bridge that goes over Trinity Park Duck Pond, an observation deck, a water feature, a playground and more.
Size: 252 acres

Walk Score: 71/100, Very Walkable
Where to go for a walk: Get a taste of college life by taking a stroll down the tree-lined streets of Stadium Drive and South University Drive before heading across campus to Campus Commons.
Size: 0.4 mile

Walk Score: 69/100, Somewhat Walkable
Where to go for a walk: Enjoy art on your walk. The nearby Rosemont neighborhood, Rosemont Park is home to a public art installation that’s not just beautiful, but also interactive. Virginia Flack’s Concentric Harmony is a colorful maze that brings a bit of whimsy to the park.
Size: 1 square mile

Walk Score: 68/100, Somewhat Walkable
Where to go for a walk: Harmon Field Park offers plenty of room to walk, run and play along the West Fork Trinity River. Here you’ll find a basketball court, soccer field, playground and trails that connect to the Fort Worth Branch (Trinity Trails System).
Size: 97.5 acres

Walk Score: 67/100, Somewhat Walkable
Where to go for a walk: In the historic neighborhood of Fairmount is one of Fort Worth’s trendiest and most exciting streets. Take a walk along West Magnolia Avenue, where you’ll find the hippest bars, restaurants and coffee shops.
Size: 0.5 mile

Walk Score: 66/100, Somewhat Walkable
Where to go for a walk: The nearby Forest Park is a favorite during the summertime thanks to the public Forest Park Pool and its proximity to the Fort Worth Zoo. Regardless of the season, this is a great place for families to play, picnic and enjoy casual walks.
Size: 120.9 acres

Location Mentioned: Sundance Square Plaza