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North Texans Brace The Cold To Support Veterans In Fort Worth

November 11,2019

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North Texans have braved the cold to line Sundance Square Monday in honor of all who’ve served the country.

And the chilly air wasn’t enough to put a damper on the warmth coming from the crowd.

Veteran Jose Fierro, who served over two decades in the Army, said the parade still means a lot — 21 years later.

“To be in the parade, and walking down the streets and hear people cheering for you… Still means a lot.”

That’s why he, his wife and daughter fought the bitter cold to gather and watch the Veteran’s Day Parade through downtown Fort Worth Nov. 11.

“I did five tours, three Afganistan, two Iraq,” he said.

Fierro’s wife, Eliza, stayed with her husband every place he was stationed throughout the 21 years.

“We’ve always tried to be a part of it,” she said. “I think Veteran’s Day is important after all the sacrifices they make and everything, to show our support.”

Young and old — bundled up onlookers waived their American flags — Fierro’s daughter said it’s the least they can do.

Retired U.S. Navy merchant marine Jason Leonard said the cold temperatures parade visitors experienced Monday, were nothing compared to what some veterans endured.

“If you really think about what some of the veterans have gone through and where they’ve been, the times of year, the winters, the summers… If they can withstand it, I think we can withstand it for them,” Leonard said.

Though the parade served as a reminder that freedom isn’t free, veterans like Fierro say the gesture doesn’t always have to be as grand. And often times, a simple “thank you” will do.

“It’s not just Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day, we’re here every day. So, whenever you see them, thank them,” he said.

Location Mentioned: Sundance Square Plaza