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Photo Gallery: 50 Artists Decorate Christmas Tree Ornaments At Sundance Square Pavilion

November 16,2021

See full Fort Worth Report article by Cristian ArguetaSoto here.             

Fort Worth artist Charles Gray, 34, painted a cartoon version of himself, his 3-year-old nephew, his brother and a Pikachu, a popular character in the Pokémon franchise, on a Christmas tree ornament Nov. 16.

Gray and over 50 other artists were invited to the ornament painting session, organized by Art Tooth, Artspace111 and Sundance Square, at Sundance Square Pavilion, 201 Main St.

The ornaments, which are set to be finished Nov. 16, will decorate the Fort Worth Christmas tree annually placed in Sundance Square Plaza. The tree is scheduled to be put up on Nov. 17, and the tree will be lit and available for viewing before the Parade of Lights on Nov. 21.


Locations Mentioned: Artspace 111, Sundance Square Plaza