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Rooftop Cinema Club To Host Dog-Friendly ‘Wooftop’ Film Screenings

April 5,2023

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Rooftop Cinema Club Downtown Fort Worth has announced that it will be hosting a couple of dog-friendly “Wooftop” film screenings during the month of April.

On April 9th, Rooftop Cinema Club will be playing the The Devil Wears Prada for both Texans and their canine companions in-attendance. The second screening, scheduled for April 23, will showcase the Oscar-winning classic, Casablanca.

Both pet-friendly movie screenings are set to take place outdoors at the terrace level of The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel — a setting that offers a gorgeous 360-degree view of downtown Fort Worth.

The theater venue includes a 24-foot movie screen, a number of fun lawn and table games that can be played prior to the start of the movies, as well as a variety of food and beverages.

Showing will feature adjustable seat heights with plenty of leg room, allowing you to lean back and relax under the night sky. Two kinds of deckchairs are offered — lounge seats for one or love seats for two.

Among the venue’s food and drink offerings include hot dogs, nachos, tacos, soft drinks and the classic cinema snack, popcorn. Patrons looking to wet their whistles can also enjoy a variety of cocktails, in addition to numerous wine and beer selections.

In addition to April, Rooftop Cinema Club says that it will be hosting film screenings for both humans and their furry friends each month. When searching for showtimes, the outdoor cinema organization’s website will display a pet-friendly banner and puppy icon under movies that are geared specifically towards dog-owners.

Showing feature everything from cult films, to classics, to new releases.

“To make our favorite movies extra special, we curate a monthly set of events with unique elements,” Rooftop Cinema Club said. “Think games, prizes, talent Q&As, movie premieres, sing-a-longs and more.”

For more information, or to check out upcoming showtimes, head over to the Rooftop Cinema Club website.

Location Mentioned: Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel