Sing along with Texas A&M Law School faculty to learn about U.S. Constitution

September 17,2020


In order to reach a broader audience and make bedrock law more accessible to the public, faculty and staff at the Texas A&M University School of Law have produced a music video on the creation and meaning of the U.S. Constitution, complete with dancers.

The law school rendition, released Thursday in honor of U.S. Constitution Day on Sept. 17, is remarkably similar to music produced for “Schoolhouse Rock” videos, and has been characterized as a parody with hopes that no actual copyright laws were harmed during the filming.

The performers sing that on Sept. 17, 1787, the founding fathers signed the U. S. Constitution and follow that up with the words to the preamble of the document.

The director, Wayne Barnes, who teaches commercial law at A&M in downtown Fort Worth, blames Meg Penrose, A&M constitutional law professor, for the idea.

“The Schoolhouse Rock video is something we all grew up with and it’s a way to make the document more accessible to the general public,” Barnes said.