Sounds of Resilience

November 6,2020

Reposted from Fine Line Group

Today, Fine Line Group, the family offices of Sasha and Edward P. Bass, announce $100,000 in grants awarded through SOUNDS OF RESILIENCE. Following a competitive application process and juried review of music submitted by over 150 applicants, 40 Fort Worth-area musicians were selected to receive funding for the creation of songs that reflect life in Fort Worth during the pandemic.

SOUNDS OF RESILIENCE is a first-of-its-kind funding initiative designed to achieve multiple goals: empowering local musicians to work, creating a lasting audio record of this unprecedented time, and bringing the people of Fort Worth together to share, process, and heal through music that reflects their experience during the pandemic.

Applicants of SOUNDS OF RESILIENCE submitted two original songs and a personal statement detailing how their music would make a lasting positive impact on the community. A panel of six of Fort Worth’s music industry leaders reviewed and scored 150 applications, and the top 40 received $2,000 grants. Of those, the six artists with the highest scored applications received an additional $3,000 award.

“The range of musical talent in this city is astonishing. Fort Worth’s cultural richness and diversity shined in every submission we received. In a true reflection of our community’s big heart and creative soul, SOUNDS OF RESILIENCE is now funding 40 gifted musicians whose work spans many genres, including instrumental, singer-songwriter, pop, gospel, country, and hip hop,” said Mrs. Bass. “It’s especially important now, in this age of social distancing, that we keep our communal bonds strong. Music has been bringing people together since the beginning of time and SOUNDS OF RESILIENCE is proud to support the artists whose music helps us heal and rise again, whose music brings us joy and brings us together.”

The six artists who received the highest application scores are now getting to work, collaborating on the creation and production of an original song which will be recorded live at Fort Worth landmark, Bass Hall, and shared with the public. Given the current circumstances and continued uncertainty around future public gatherings, the timing of the recording and release will be confirmed at a later date. A sampling of each artist’s work is available online at

“I am so grateful for each application that was submitted. Each applicant instilled in me hope and optimism for tomorrow,” said Fort Worth singer-songwriter and SOUNDS OF RESILIENCE panelist Abraham Alexander. “Through music, we have the ability to inspire unity and healing by tapping into universal emotions. Being a part of this initiative inspired me and I am proud of our city’s musicians for how they continue to creatively thrive in the face of challenge.” 

Fellow panelist and Founder and Creative Director of House of Songs, a nonprofit connecting musicians across the world for learning and collaboration, Troy Campbell, remarked “As a fan of Fort Worth music and its rich history, I was especially moved by applicants’ personal letters and live video recordings. I noticed that a few artists I know did not participate, so I reached out, to find out if they were not aware of the program. I was told that they had jobs and they wanted the money to go to other musicians who weren’t as lucky. This is the way a passionate, resilient community truly comes back with the quick action of leaders, kindness, and care of citizens.”

Milton Taylor Pace, R&B artist and one of the six $5,000 grant recipients, reflected on the power of music and the role of musicians in bringing people together. “In times like these each of us can find ways to help each other rise above adversity, whether it be with music that makes you feel good, or even just by simply checking in on friends and neighbors. Music is a universal language and I believe it's important for us to rise and step forward to inspire and remind people that we are resilient, and we will come out of this better than before.”

Singer-songwriter, composer, and grant recipient Court Hoang explained how the SOUNDS OF RESILIENCE grant will help him continue his work: “I will use these funds to continue working on a collaborative music and film project, in order to reinvest the money in our artistic community. The project is a concept album and accompanying film that I have been planning for almost nine years. I am honored to be given the opportunity to continue the work of creating community here in Fort Worth and have been consistently surprised, awed and inspired by how much this city cares about its people. I believe our strength, our resilience, lies in our hearts as much as in our hands. We are compassionate and resourceful in the face of adversity and I believe we can and should be seen as a winning example in the field of social artistry.”

“The pandemic has shown me more than anything that the more I give back, the more I receive,” said Joe Savage, a Fort Worth country western musician awarded a SOUNDS OF RESILIENCE grant. “I’ve tried to stay positive and offer as much help as I can to others. This is what helps me make it through. My band and I have been fortunate enough to get a few gigs here and there, although most venues are paying a half rate given occupancy limitations. I'm proud of my team members for taking a pay cut right alongside me and continuing to play however we can. I want to better compensate them for their work over the last several months and this grant will help me show my appreciation for their willingness to keep going in spite of it all.”

Administered by Gallery of Dreams, a Fort Worth nonprofit arts organization, SOUNDS OF RESILIENCE was funded by the Fine Line Group, the family office of Sasha and Edward P. Bass, with additional support from the Alice L. Walton Family Foundation, the Tartaglino Richards Family Foundation, Jenner & Block LLP, and Katya Jestin and Kit Roane.