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Sundance Square by the numbers: Facts behind the Fort Worth fave

January 16,2019

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Anyone who's passed through Fort Worth has most likely stopped by Sundance Square. The shopping, dining, and entertainment district is considered by many to be the heart of downtown Fort Worth and is home to many of the city's iconic buildings and companies.

But just how influential — and big — is Sundance Square? Sometimes only facts and figures can truly convey an area's importance, so here's a glance at Sundance Square "by the numbers."

36: The number of downtown Fort Worth blocks that Sundance Square occupies.

40: Years since Sundance Square officially began, when Bass Brothers Enterprises began a massive urban renewal project in downtown Fort Worth by renovating old buildings and constructing new ones. In homage to the area's past, they named the district after Butch Cassidy's infamous partner. The duo was reported to have visited downtown Fort Worth when seeking recreation in the late 1880s.

44: The number of total buildings owned by the district.

60: The number of stores and restaurants you'll find there, including such favorites as Reata, Bird Cafe, Riscky's Barbecue, It'Sugar, Willow House, Haltom's Jewelers, and the Texas Rangers Team Shop.

100: The percentage of renewable energy that powers all of Sundance Square.

135: How many years ago Sundance Square's oldest structure, the Jarvis building (where Jubilee Theatre is now based), was constructed.

145: How many events, both public and private, are hosted there each year.

4 million: The district's estimated total square footage.

10 million: Roughly how many people visit Sundance Square each year.

Whether you've been recently or not, it's probably time to visit Sundance Square and marvel at these numbers for yourself.

Locations Mentioned: Haltom's Jewelers, IT'SUGAR, Jubilee Theatre, Reata Restaurant, Riscky's Bar-B-Q, Sundance Square Plaza