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TEX Rail Earns Federal Grant

November 2,2016

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The Fort Worth Transportation Authority says the federal government has approved a $500 million grant to proceed with construction of TEX Rail.

The line will run from Downtown Fort Worth to DFW Airport, with service expected to start near the end of 2018.

“It’s so exciting,” says T President Paul Ballard. “Getting to the full-funding grant agreement and actually getting it signed is so critically important because that’s half the funding for the project.”

The Federal Transit Administration plans a signing ceremony in Ft. Worth next month.

Ballard says the grant will allow the T to move forward with plans to start construction.

“We have almost $800 million in contracts outstanding for building the railroad, for buying the trains, for installing the signals,” Ballard says. “We’ve made all the commitments, and everything is underway.”

TEX Rail will run 27 miles with nine stations, ending at DFW Terminal B. The T has ordered cars from a Swiss manufacturer with delivery expected early 2018.

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