Veranda Magazine Names 16 Top Independent Jewelers In USA

October 18,2021

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With so many different types of gemstones and terminology, the world of fine jewelry is incredibly intricate. Sure, you may have a few family heirlooms passed down from generations, but what happens when you want to expand that collection? Here's where your local jeweler comes in. 

Their locally-minded service with a global knowledge of the industry creates a welcoming environment where you can ask questions and peruse with absolute comfort. With so many years in the business, these independent shops also have the ability to repair almost any piece that comes their way. Plus, their carefully-curated selections and custom designs make it a breeze to find the perfect necklace or bracelet to match those pearly earrings already in your collection. 

We've surveyed independent jewelers to find the most extraordinary boutiques across the country that put a little extra shine in the jewelry shopping experience. From a cherished Connecticut business that started in a horse and cart to a San Francisco landmark specializing in antique gems, here are the best independent jewelry shops in the United States.

In alphabetical order:
•    Adler’s (previously known as Coleman Adler), New Orleans, LA.
•    Betteridge, with four stores in Greenwich, CT; Palm Beach, FL; and Vail and Aspen, CO.
•    Cayen Collection, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA.
•    Croghan's Jewel Box, Charleston, SC
•    Haltom's, Fort Worth, TX 
•    Hamilton Jewelers, Princeton, NJ and Palm Beach, FL
•    Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry, San Francisco, CA
•    Laura Pearce Ltd., Atlanta, GA
•    Levy Jewelers, Savannah, GA
•    Lux Bond and Green, with five stores in West Hartford, Glastonbury, Westport, and Uncasville, CT, and Wellesley, MA
•    Marissa Collections, Old Naples, FL
•    Mish, Palm Beach, FL 
•    OC Tanner, Salt Lake City, UT
•    Spicer Greene Jewelers, Asheville, NC

Location Mentioned: Haltom's Jewelers