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This experience allows you to watch a movie on the rooftops of downtown Fort Worth

December 29,2022

See full Inside DFW article by Tyler Manning here.

This time of year is all about time with family. So how about watching your favorite iconic movies from a rooftop with a view of downtown Fort Worth?

That is what you get at Rooftop Cinema Club in Fort Worth. With locations across the nation, Rooftop Cinema Club revels in the joy and love of film, handpicking cult classics and new releases for people to enjoy amongst city skylines.

But it’s not just a good movie-going experience, it’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded people in a variety of ways.

“It’s almost like coming to like a backyard party, we have lots of games, food and beverage. This is an elevated experience with chef-prepared dishes, but it’s also very casual and laid back,” Hannah Urias, general manager of Rooftop Cinema Club’s Fort Worth location, said.

We know what you’re thinking, ‘What is the point?’ Can’t I just put a movie on at home, make some food, and invite my friends over? As Hannah puts it best, there is something about the theater experience that cannot be matched at home.

“There’s the sense of community that you get when you’re watching a movie that you may have already seen with other people who also love the movie and who are wanting to watch it again,” Hannah said. “When you watch a movie in the theater, it’s so different than watching something at home.”

And if you are still behind on watching a cult classic, this is the perfect place for that first-time viewing. Don’t experience Jurassic Park for the first time on a home television. Experience it how it was meant to be experienced, on a screen large enough to fit a dinosaur.

Rooftop Cinema Club does a different movie every night; some nights they show two movies. To see their full schedule and to learn more, click here.

Locations Mentioned: Rooftop Cinema Club, The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel