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This new Fort Worth comedy club finds home at historic downtown lofts

August 7,2023

See full Fort Worth Star-Telegram article by Brayden Garcia here.

A new comedy club is bringing the funny to Fort Worth this fall.

Big Laugh Comedy is opening a club this October at 604 Main St. suite 100. The venue will be located at the bottom of the Kress Building and just minutes from Sundance Square.

The club is a brainchild of Big Laugh CEO Brandon Lewin, who’s excited to open in the city.

“Fort Worth is such a great market,” Lewin said. “Comedians and agents don’t think it’s a different market from Dallas, and I do believe it is.”

Lewin started Big Laugh Comedy a handful of years ago after joining the stand-up comedy scene himself in Austin around 2016.

After a few months of performing, Lewin decided to start producing comedy shows. The one show that sold him on the idea of Big Laugh Comedy and providing opportunities and stage time for comedians came in Cedar Park.

The show secured a big headliner, followed by a few other comedians looking for stage time. One sold-out event later and Lewin was hooked.

“The high I got from it wasn’t so much being on stage, but it was actually helping the comedians get in front of an audience,” Lewin said.

From there on, Lewin decided to pursue Big Laugh Comedy and focus on the business side of things to put more comedians in front of people.

He took the company full time in 2020, with his first major event booked for March 7, just a few days before the world shut down due to COVID-19. But Lewin pivoted and focused on producing online shows during that time, building a camaraderie across the comedy world.

“What we’re about is helping comedians springboard or launch their careers, or further their careers,” Lewin said.

Big Laugh Comedy has been hosting in-person shows out of Vulcan Gas Company in Austin, but will soon have its own venue in Fort Worth.

Lewin had been searching for where to open Big Laugh’s first comedy club, zeroing in on Fort Worth after finding the Kress Building and seeing how turnkey the place was. The venue needed some renovations, but not much, Lewin said.

The first floor of the club will have a stage with seating for up to 100.A larger stage on the second floor will have seating for 300 people. A kitchen and bar, event area and podcasting studio are all planned for the venue as well.

Lewin said he’s excited to join and expand the comedy scene in Fort Worth, which he came to know working with nearby Hyena’s Comedy Night Club on a few shows.

“I love the community, I spent so much time down there when we were doing shows with Hyena’s that I really got to understand the downtown area and the community in general,” Lewin said. “I thought it was a perfect fit for what we’re looking to do.”

Big Laugh Comedy Club is set to open this October at 604 Main St. suite 100. For more information on what comedians are coming to Fort Worth, visit here.

Locations Mentioned: Hyena's Comedy Nightclub, Kress Building Lofts