Trinity Metro Rolls Out Redesigned Transit Service

September 13,2021

See full Fort Worth Magazine article by Scott Nishimura here.

Trinity Metro has rolled out a redesigned system that adds frequency, extended hours, better connections to TEXRail stations, and more direct routes that don’t run through downtown’s Fort Worth Central Station hub.

The redesign, called A Better Connection, followed a planning process in which Trinity Metro invited the public to provide feedback. The redesigned system includes no operating budget increase, and no fare increases. “The scenario that generated the most interest was a ‘walk more, wait less’ option that would provide more frequent service to more customers,” Trinity Metro said.

“We have been developing this plan for the last year or so by analyzing our routes and gathering public input about the greatest needs,” Wayne Gensler, vice president and chief operating officer for bus and paratransit, said in a release. “These changes will provide more service options and easier access for our customers — and all without any increase to our operating budget.”

In the redesign, Trinity Metro worked to “standardize the schedules” on its main north-south-east-west routes: 1, 15, 89, and 2, Sandeep Sen, the system implementation manager, said in a video presentation that accompanies the explanation of the changes. The service on those routes runs every 15 minutes between 6:15 a.m. and 6:15 p.m. weekdays, and 8:15 a.m.-6:15 p.m. weekends and holidays. Late evenings, the service runs every 30 minutes.

“We have good ridership,” Sen said in the presentation. “What we have done is we tried to standardize the schedules on these main trunk routes.”

The new system includes seven routes to neighborhoods that had no service, Trinity Metro said.