Water Department customer service lobby reopening

June 18,2020

See full City of Fort Worth article here.

The Fort Worth Water customer service lobby, 908 Monroe St., will reopen on Monday, June 29. Customers must wear facemasks and maintain social distancing.

Customers who prefer in-person transactions can make water bill payments, set up, discontinue or transfer service or make payment arrangements.

The process for obtaining contractor meters (fire hydrant meters) will remain contactless, as it is today. All paperwork and communication is handled electronically and via phone. There is no in-office, person-to-person processing.

When picking up the fire hydrant meter, the contractor is required to wear a mask and observe six-feet social distancing. To achieve the social distancing, staff leave the meter on a table for pickup by the contractor.

The same screening for COVID-19 symptoms and temperature checks will be in place as are in place at other city facilities with frequent public visitors. Staff is asking all visitors if they are feeling sick and will check temperatures with a forehead thermometer. Anyone with a temperature of 99.6F or greater will be asked to leave and contact a health care provider. Anyone who refuses to have their temperature taken will not be allowed to enter.

The lobby hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.