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What to expect at the Fort Worth Art Fair and Main St. Arts Festival

April 20,2023

See full Fort Worth Report article by Marcheta Fornoff here.

The Fort Worth Art Fair returns to downtown Fort Worth for its second year April 20-23, coinciding with the long-running Main St. Arts Festival.

Where, Main St., billed as “the nation’s 3rd largest fine arts festival,” will stretch across its namesake street between the convention center to the courthouse, the Art Fair will be held in nearby Sundance Square Plaza.

The Art Fair was developed last year by Sundance Square out of a desire to highlight local artists – with an emphasis on showcasing work from emerging artists, women and Sundance’s artists-in-residence.

“Sundance Square is dedicated to supporting our community and continuing to build a place where all are welcome. As such we are proud to support and showcase our local artists and musicians and bring world class art to the city of Fort Worth,” CEO of Sundance Square Management Sasha Bass said in a news release.

Visual artist Kyle Hanson grew up in Arlington, is a graduate of North Texas University and has a studio residency at Love Texas Art gallery in downtown Fort Worth.

He showed work at the Art Fair last year and is looking forward to its return. Inspired by his grandfather’s love of the annual duck stamp competition, Hanson’s paintings are a modern twist on wildlife art.

“I think it gives the public the opportunity to see what our community is up to. It gives artists a chance to tell our story and connect with our city,” Hanson said.

For the 27-year-old up-and-coming artist, the opportunity to have so many people — and other artists — see his work is a huge benefit, he said.

“There aren’t a lot of opportunities for Dallas and Fort Worth galleries to come together, and I think that’s a really exciting element of the Fort Worth Art Fair,” Hanson said.

Select local artists can also be found at Main St., alongside creators from across the country.

Both events are free and open to the public, with plentiful opportunities to purchase food, drinks and, of course, art.

Rain expected on Sunday
Sunday’s forecast from The National Weather Service in Fort Worth shows a 70% chance of showers on Sunday, but – for now – both events are expected to continue as planned.

In a statement to the Fort Worth Report, a spokesperson for Main St. said: “MAIN ST. comes at a time of year when Texas weather is at its most unpredictable, so we brace for mother nature’s mood swings well in advance.

We take a scientific approach to monitor weather, and our Emergency Operations Center works with the National Weather Service, the City of Fort Worth, and a storm-spotter network, staffed by RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) volunteers.”

While the forecast does not warn of severe weather, Main St. also emphasized that they have an emergency plan ready and have a system in place to communicate with staff, volunteers and attendees.

While there are some free parking options downtown, attendance for both events is expected to be in the thousands, and parking spaces will be limited.

Trinity Metro provided a rundown of public transit options to get around this weekend: